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Cool and normal

Last night was the coolest for a while. The lowest point was around 13 degrees and it was still only 17 degrees in the morning. What a nice change. After weeks of excruciating heat it almost felt like too cold while normally those degrees would still be considered rather warm.

During the day it was also more bearable, even if the temperature did climb up to 28 at the peak. Just a few degrees can make a big difference. I wouldn't mind if the weather would remain like this for the whole duration of my vacation. Unfortunately the forecast only promises a week of weather like this before the next hear wave hits us.

At least the nights should be getting a bit colder while they grow longer. We are slowly getting the real nights back. Even though we don't have the real nightless night at these latitudes the nights around the midsummer aren't any darker than the cloudy days for several weeks.

I still wish there would be some rain too at some point. Everything is getting really dry so a little bit of water wouldn't hurt. Maybe another nice thunderstorm or something that goes past fast enough.