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Movie weekend

I've embraced the laid back "do nothing" vacation mode. At least for now. Although I did do some small yard work and laundry today but that can hardly be counted as doing something.

I've spent most of these two days watching movies and listening music. I think I have actually watched more movies during this weekend than the whole year so far. Four so far and currently watching the fifth one (only with a half of an eye, as I've seen this one already before).

I had plenty of movies in my watchlist, but nothing I was too anxious to watch earlier. And for a reason. While they were all kinda interesting they weren't anything too promising in general. Something that's only worth watching in these kind of situations where it's more of a time waster than the act of actually watching the movie on purpose.

I had to really think to even remember all the names of those movies. Not much to say about them. The most surprising one was the remake of the horror classic Child's play. While the movie itself was as bad as the original I liked how they had changed the idea from serial killer possessed doll into a modern AI gone bad one. It was actually more frightening that way. Not because of the creepy doll (voiced by Mark Hamill!) but because of the more realistic scenario of an artificial intelligence which in itself wasn't actually evil. It was just trying to please it's owners wishes, any means necessary.