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Range anxiety

My quest for new car is basically at the point where we need to choose the color and sign the papers. We have actually agreed to meet the dealer tomorrow to discuss the final details. But now I'm starting to get some last moment doubts.

The car in question is official reported highway range of 311 km. I've read some good experiences from users in the internet how the range is pretty accurate also in the real world usage... on optimal conditions. For our day to day usage the range is more than enough. It would also be enough for the trip to our home region we do quite often in those good conditions.

But the range is highly affected with both the average speed and the driving conditions. Additionally just using winter tires decrease the range. Even with the 25% difference between the promised range and our trip it might be close call in those cold winter days. Sure it wouldn't be a problem to have a coffee break along the way to get some additional charge. But those cold winter days aren't really the most comfortable ones to make one additional stop, potentially clear the snow and ice from the car before continuing the trip and most importantly handling the freezing cold charging equipments.

There is also the fact that the new Ioniq 6, which is supposed to be replacing the current Ioniq model is about to be released next year. It is looking really interesting and investing in a nee car now might not make it feasible to switch again next year yet. Especially as there is now a really good offer on the table with 6000€ subsidiary for buying a new electric car and on top of that they are offering a 0% interest on the financing.