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Writestreak development

I haven't touched the Writestreak codebase for almost 4 months now. As I'm on a vacation it obviously has crossed my mind whether I should use this time to do some coding again.

Looking at the Trello board I wasn't even sure if it was up to date. There were some items on the doing column that I'm pretty sure I did already fix. The bigger problem is I found some todo items I wasn't sure anymore what I was after with those.

There are still some minor bugs, or just annoying features I would like to fix. There is also the half finished rewrite which is getting harder and harder to execute every day as there is an increasing number of content to migrate as the time goes by.

On the other hand the site has been working well enough for it's core purpose. I haven't seen or heard of any bugs or other issues. The only notable issue I'm facing daily is the cold start time of the functions. With so little usage the functions are almost always guaranteed to not be in memory for those really fast responses. So even if the site is fast it doesn't feel line it due to those cold starts.

I still have enough time to get bored enough to get something done...