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House hunters

It seems we might switch our apartment after all. At least we have been eyeing on what's available on the market and been refining our requirements and hopes for the new home.

Today we went to see one potential apartment. It seemed okayish on paper and pictures, but it was apparent almost immediately after stepping in that this wasn't our new home. Too many things were off and the price really didn't leave room for the required makeovers.

Next monday we are going to see the next one. After the disappointment today my hopes aren't that high for the next one either. But you never know. It's hard to tell from the pictures how the actual apartment looks like. It's so easy to take the pictures in auch a way that everything seems perfect. Even the space can look bigger than in reality in a picture taken from a correct angle.

We are not in a hurry, so we can keep looking for the perfect one. No point in moving into an apartment that is sorta there. Better wait for the right one.

Besides these two there didn't seem to be any good options available at the moment. So if the next one isn't a hit we might be in the long game waiting for the correct one to become available.