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More vacation movies

Last evening I wasn't even planning to watch a movie. It just happened to be so that there was a movie running on the TV which seemed interesting so I just ended up watching it.

The problem is, those movies are usually shown at the late night slot. And I have become not an evening person. So it's hard for me to stay up and focused long enough to keep up with the movie until the end.

Luckily these days almost every movie can be found from one of the many streaming services. After a quick search the movie I was watching was indeed available in one of those services (even the one we are subscribing). I don't even know why I bothered watching the movie so far with all the ads disturbing my viewing in regular intervals. I was just happy to know I could go to sleep any time and continue watching it the next day.

Back in the old days you could also postpone watching anything on the TV. You just had to record it for later viewing. Sure, it was a bit of extra effort, but it worked.

It's funny how nowadays I didn't even consider the option. Sure we don't even have any recording equipments anymore. There is not really need for that anymore as most of the things are available on demand anyway. The channel surfing had become more of a tool to discover something to watch. Sometimes it's just easier to check what's on than browsing the endless catalogues of those services.