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Second shot

I received my second dose of the COVID vaccine today. Now I'm fully vaccinated, until they find out the third dose is still needed.

The experience was as streamlined as the first time: walk in, show my id and joint the queue (which there was none, do I actually walked past the vaccination rooms all the way to the post vaccine waiting rooms where I was turned back by a nurse).

I didn't have any symptoms during the mandatory 15 minutes waiting time. I was also fine once I got home and managed to work for a while too. But then I started to feel it hard to focus. I was also experiencing some headache and drowsiness. After a while I decided it was better to get some medicine and rest.

Apparently it helped. At least now I'm feeling just fine again. The vaccination spot is a bit sore but everything else is fine. Aa small discomfort is well worth the benefits of having a better resistance for the actual disease.