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Locked down network

In my work I've used to secure connections to different computer systems. Some of them are more tedious than others (I've also worked with systems that require physical access to a high security premises).

Usually the connections are fine. Once you get the initial remote connection up and running it's not that different than working on a local machine. Especially if everything is a Linux system.

But there are a lot of organizations running on Microsoft ecosystem. I'm not convinced they work even within the ecosystem properly, but trying to get Linux and Windows systems to work together can be quite a challenge.

No matter the challenges good thing is there is probably somebody else around the internet that has encountered the same challenges before. With a little bit of luck you might even find the solution to your problems left by those who have struggled and resolved the issues before.

Unless you are forced to work over a secure connection that will disable all other local connections while you are connected to the remote system. It becomes a lot more challenging to dig up those solutions and apply them in practise.