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Purchase order

After keeping an eye on the housing market for a few months it seems there isn't too many suitable homes for me available. And those that would be good enough go so quickly we don't have time to think it through before the next person already makes an offer.

I happened to run into one of the realtors we have met in the showings and he also came over to estimate the sale price for our current one. After a small talk he suggested a purchase order. He could actively start looking for a new home for us based on our wishes. There is the silent marked, sellers who aren't actively selling (like us) but are willing to make a deal for the right offer. There are also those who might not have been even thinking of selling who might start considering the sale when they hear the current price level and that there would be somebody ready to make a deal right away. Like our realtor said: "the owner of our new home might not even know they are about to put their home for sale".