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Seems we are moving

No, we didn't even make an offer yet. But we went to see the first apartment that our realtor had found for our purchase order and it already looked promising. So good actually that we decided it would be good enough for us if the next few ones aren't any better.

The one we missed proved there are apartments that satisfy our needs. It also taught us that the good ones go fast. The one we saw today wasn't as good as that one, but it was pretty close. But unlike the former which was available in open marked this one we can think about safely for a while.

With our budget and wishlist I know we need to make some compromises. It's just a matter of weighting in all the plusses and minuses and deciding which items on our list are optional after all and which ones can be given up if there is a big enough plus to balance them out.

It's also about adapting to a new space. Some of our requirements might be just things we are used to have which we actually don't need in the new one. And there are things we can change or get rid of to fit better into the new home instead of just bringing everything along as is.