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Work of passion

Finally an adaption worth of a masterpiece that the Dune is. Villeneuve definitely nailed the work. Even though I set unfairly high expectations for it my first impression is that it might even have exceeded those.

The movie is visually stunning. Villeneuve wasn't kidding when he suggested seeing it in IMAX. The experience was fantastic. Even if it wouldn't have been based on one of my all time favourite book series I would say it was a movie worth seeing.

For a Dune fan like me this is finally a dream come true. Of course the movie omits a lot of details from the books and takes some liberties on other parts. But that's why it's an adaptation. Trying to put every detail in the big screen (or even into a several season series) isn't really feasible. It would just end up being boring and slow. That's what makes it interesting and fresh for even the ones who can recall the whole book. I'm sure there will be a lot of details hidden in the movie to be found even if they weren't in the spotlight.

It really shows when a director is really passionate about the script. The perfection needs more than just "doing the job". Villeneuve has said he has wanted to make this movie ever since he read it back in his youth. That passion really shows.