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Legacy of the ten streaks

Since I passed the one year mark with my ten streaks and desired to start breaking those streaks I have gotten down to three. There isn't much to break anymore, but I'm not worried about those anyway.

While keeping up those streaks were great and I got s lot of things done it was still a bit stressful to keep up with each one of them. Since I broke the streaks I was also worrier that I might not keep up doing any of those things anymore without the motivation from keeping up the streak.

I did stop doing some of those things. At least for a while after the break. But not that I have some data to look back it seems it's not that bad. Even if I haven't restarted those streaks I have been doing the things quite consistently. There are regular breaks and clearly days when I have had low energy, but I think even those days have been better because I didn't have to use that little energy to worry about keeping up with those streaks.

The experiment showed that the streak can be a really good motivator. But it can also be a cause for stress and unnecessary exhaustion. I've also proven to myself that I can keep up doing things that are good for me also without the extra motivation from the streak. Sure streak helped to get up to the habit of doing those things initially.