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Navigating to familiar places

It's great to have a navigator when driving to new places I have never been. It's hard to even recall the time when we had to write down the instructions or have a paper map in the car to look for directions (or just memorize the directions).

But the modern navigators are usable for more than finding those new places. With the aid of traffic information they can also point out alternative routes to avoid roadworks and traffic jams. So you could get faster to your destination even if you know the way.

I was driving to fetch our youngest child today. By now I already know the way to their place, I even remember to pick the right lanes well in advance. I also know that there is a lot of traffic during the rush hours and have tried to avoid those times. Today however due to the schedule I had to go there during the peak traffic. I was already prepared to that when about half way trough the car gave an unexpected sound. At first I had no idea what that was and just assumed it was some message notification from my phone (which was connected to the infotainment system vis Android auto). Then I saw the notice in the screen: there was a faster route available due to the traffic in the default one. What a nice surprise.

Although the route was a bit longer there weren't any slowdowns along the way. On our way back (via the regular route) the ongoing lane was still an endless line of cars moving at walking speed.