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All-purpose tools

It would be nice to have a tool that can take care of everything for a certain context. But more you think about it there is always more connected things that still need to be taken care outside even the most multi-purpose tool.

At some point there just becomes the limit what a single tool can do. After that it's all about how well it integrates and works together with everything else. The more one tool can handle things the more generic it also becomes: good enough to handle all those things but not great in any.

Then there are tools that are originally intended for a single purpose. But their versatility and ubiquity have actually made them into a tool that can be used for almost anything. Often such tools can work better in many things than the tools specially made for the thing, but is also only limited to that one thing.

Those versatile tools are usually also more widely adopted so there are more resources available for them. There isn't either a shortage of integrations available for such tools to build your own network of single purpose tools into one interoperable all-purpose system.