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They said it can't be done

We had our annual company con today, the WunderCon. Last year we had to skip it due to lockdown. This year looked more optimistic just a few months ago, maybe we could have a live event at last. But then the things changed to worse again and we were back to the square one: keep postponing the event until we can get physically together once again or held a virtual gathering.

During the early days of the pandemic I attended a fee such virtual events. Maybe it was the early implementations or just that those event weren't as personal as our own con, but I really didn't like them. It was really hard to get connected to all those people and get the feeling of togetherness.

So I wasn't really looking forward to this one either. Not expecting much I joined the day. Well I kinda had to as I did have teo sessions scheduled for the day.

While there were some hickups on the technical side throughout the day I was really surprised about the spirit we had in the various virtual stages, rooms and other "places". The platform and all the side events really tied everything together so there was that feeling of being together despite the distance.

It was a nice day, definitely better than nothing. We definitely needed this reminder of our awesome spirit. It's still no match for the real physical event of get-together. Really hoping next year we'll get back to the "regular" and that we also have it as soon as possible instead of waiting a full year.