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Don't be like me

Part of the yesterdays programme on out company day was a thank you session for our current 7 acting guild leads. Our first two-year term is coming to an end at the end of this year and some of us, including me, have decided to step down from that position. So after the acknowledgements the new guild leads were also announced.

Each acting lead received some nice words collected from our respective guild members and there were also few words given by our head of talent. Then he host asked us a question or two.

When my turn came up I was asked what would I say to those who think me as their role model and who my own role models have been. I told them not to look up to me and try to be like me. I do have people who I admire, but I don't want to be like them either.

Why limit yourself with such boundaries? You can do better! Everybody is best at who they are and if you want to be like them you will always be compared to them. Don't try to be like somebody else. Aspire to be the best possible version of yourself instead.