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Conflict resolution

I'm going to visit our office again tomorrow. It's nice to see colleagues again and it's also nice that I manage to get myself more often there again.

Howevever I'm not looking forward to all of tomorrow. The reason I'm going there is s situation that escalated in one of our project teams. One that is sort of under my jurisdiction. So I'm going there to settle the conflict between the participants. I believe this kind of situations are better handled when all parties are physically present.

This is something completely new to me. I have never been in such situation where I would need to act as a mediator to settle a disbute between two persons. It probably doesn't help that I also have a strong opinion on the subject of their debate. It's also an important topic on the company level regarding our development practices and process. The outcome of todays meeting can drastically change how we work with projects in the future, or at least how we enforce certain best practices.