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Things are moving fast

We are about to enter the second round of offers with the current owner of our new home. They countered our initial offer, but that was a bit too far from what we had in our mind so need to counter their counter offer. Had to also secure a bit bigger loan promise from the bank to make sure we can actually offer enough as our initial offer was already close to the max of what we asked for and got the promise earlier.

While we are not in a hurry to sell our current apartment of course it would be optimal to get rid of it too as fast as possible. Which is why I'm really looking forward for tomorrow: we have our first buyer candidate coming over to see the apartment!

We didn't even manage to get the apartment publicly on sale yet as it takes a couple of weeks to do all the paperwork, photoshoots and everything. But on Monday there was a note along our regular post. A realtor was looking a new home for their client in this area. What a coincidence!

Initially we thought of dismissing the note. The client had a bit lower budget in mind than what we are looking for to get from this place. I however decided to call the realtor and ask whether the given max price was absolute. Seems it wasn't and it appears the client is really interested in this opportunity as they went straight to their bank as well to secure a bigger loan.

Of course anything can still happen on both sides. But for now it all looks promising. With a bit of luck we could already know within a week that we both have a new home and our old one is sold.