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Past future

Reading near future sci-fi is sometimes scary. Even if the ideas might be wild they are still plausible enough on a short term that they might as well turn out to be true predictions.

But things really get interesting when reading a story set to current time written a while ago. When they start telling about the things exactly how they are right now you get hesitant reading any further. Or at least double check the publication year. If they got all the things right so far how bad it will turn towards the end of the book and whether that could become a reality too.

Perhaps those books should have an expiration date. "Do not read this book after the time it's events are set to". Otherwise they might just turn into history books with fictional characters in them.

It is often said that in the near term predictions things are usually overestimated, but in the long run the progress is underestimated. Maybe this doesn't really rake effect until a certain amount of time in the future when it becomes harder to predict the development of the world.