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We might be in a lucky position that we will get access to our new home before we need to move out from our current one. Even if we get this one sold right away we could still agree with the buyer to have the handover a bit later. Of course it could also be so that we haven't even sold this place yet at the time.

So unless a buyer appears who is in a hurry we have at least one month which we could use to do some bigger renovations in the new place before moving in. It would be nicer if there isn't anything in the way. It would also be easier if we need to use a contractor for some parts of the work so they could easily move around the apartment without for example worrying about the cats. And of course it's always nice to not have to live in the middle of the renovations.

But the budget for the renovation is still tied to the sell price of the old place. And we would also need to actually have that money on our account to start those renovations. It might also be a bit too tight schedule to get all the materials ordered in time and booking a contractor at this tight schedule.