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We got the deal

Our purchase offer for the apartment was accepted yesterday. We have a new home!

Of course there are still a lot of practicalities and conditions to meet before we are actually going to sign the deal. We still need to officially secure the mortgage and the house needs to be inspected so there aren't any hidden issues for example within the structures. In case something alarming is found in the inspection we still have the option to withdraw the deal.

If everything goes fine we should have the keys at the beginning of December, just under two months now. There isn't that much time to plan the renovations if we want them done before moving in. We can't even start asking the deals before the contract has been signed. So it's hard to say when will it be ready for us to move in. I wouldn't want to wait for too long and it might even be so that the to be owners of our current home wouldn't like to wait long either. And of course we don't really have the budget before selling this one.