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Planning intensifies

Now that we have secured our new home it's time to kick off the next round of planning for the renovations. I've been planning these things already for a while. I have a lot of plans ready, but they are all based on my estimations and rely on my memory of the place.

Next step is to start asking for quotations for the various tasks that need to be handed out to the professionals. It's also a good idea to go through my plans with the people who know more about these things to make sure my plans are valid.

There might also be things that I have missed. It would be a shame if there was some essential left out just because I didn't happen to think about it. There might also be things I don't even know exists, but would be nice additions.

There is less than two months for the delivery so I hope my plans are mostly valid and don't need too many iterations that could postpone the starting of the work. I also hope I have estimated the cost of all the things realistically enough so that everything essential fits in the budget when I get the actual offers.