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Daily accomplishments

Since I stopped obsessing about my streaks I now view the tracking of those task quote differently. Earlier it was a task list that I had to complete daily, causing anxiety to complete them all so that I wouldn't break any streak.

I still have all the same tasks in the list. I still try to complete as many of them as possible. But instead of checking them out as I go and checking what's still left now I go through the list at the end of the day.

It has become a new ritual for the end of the day. Expressing gratitude to myself on things I managed to complete today. Looking back at the day also brings forth other things I did during the day and seeing all those completed things at the end of the day is a great feeling of accomplishment.

Even the days there aren't too many checkboxes on the list it's still a good moment: I have accomplished giving myself a nice day off.