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One bite at the time

If it would be just the kitchen the amount of decisions making our new home would still be huge. But unfortunately that is just a fraction of the whole extent of the choices that we need to make.

Sure not every choice is necessary, we could just leave things as they are (as many things will be) or make them like they have been in our current home.

This is however an opportunity to improve all those things. When we settle in it will become harder to do those changes. We haven't really changed anything here either since the initial setup back when we moved in. Things just become part of the place and they are harder to see any other way.

On the other hand bringing the good, familiar things from the old place to the new would ease the transition. It's easier to get used to new things one or a few at the time instead of changing everything at once.

There is no hurry in making everything "perfect" right away. We just need to keep up the momentum and go through the change gradually.