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We have Star Trek at home

There is a popular meme where kids want some brand food (or any other thing) and mom replies "we have x at home". Of course the version of whatever was in question at home is always inferior to the desired one.

For a long time I have been putting off watching the show the Orville. I got an impression it was just making fun of Star Trek, one of my all time TV franchises. During summer, when there weren't any "brand" space shows running I finally decided to give it a try. After all i had read good things about it. And I'm glad I did.

Sure enough it is "making fun" of Star Trek. But more in the same way the original Star Trek was making fun of itself. I feel like these recent shows have become taking themselves too serious (Lower decks being an obvious exception). The humour is not out of line and tasteless what I was expecting. It both makes fun of all the usual tropes, but manages also take a more serious look on contemporary matters. Just like the original show did.

I don't know what the fate of the show currently is, but I'm waiting more of a new season from Orville than I'm looking forward to the next season of Discovery or Piccard. Home food can be good too.