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No more stats

After I reached my one year streak with multiple tracks earlier this year I started to break those streaks one by one. I felt like it had become more of a burden to keep up so many streaks artificially. After all I had already established the habits and was quickly returning the streaks after breaking them.

Despite not taking any more pressure on not breaking any streaks and just following them for mere curiosity I soon realized even the tracking itself is a bit of a burden. An unnecessary chore I had to remember to do every day.

For past couple of weeks I have completely stopped all activity tracking and instead just trust myself to keep up doing those things. This combined with living without the other half of the tracking from the smart watch has been quite liberating actually. Those stats were nice, and seeing the results was motivating. But not having to rely on those is also nice.

I think I could also stop tracking the last thing I still do: the writing. I don't need it to remind me to write, it's just a counter (that I often forgot to update) to track my post count. At this point I think I could just implement an automated counter that counts the days since my first post.

The only part that I miss from my tracking habit is the end of the day reflection part where I went through what had I done during the day. But I think that doesn't really need the tracking part in it anyway.