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My first computer

What do you think wad my first computer? Perhaps a back in the days popular Commodore 64, or some Amiga, maybe the infamous 500. Maybe it was just the boring early model PC? Of you are a long time reader of my posts you might have a clue... But you would probably still be wrong.

My first computer(s) was not really a computer. I have been fascinated by the computer technology as far as I can remember. Back then even the simplest machines cost fortunes and we weren't exactly on the wealthier brackets. Also nobody would have given a six year old a computer.

But I didn't let those challenges hold me back. Actually, I remember getting not only one, but multiple computers every Christmas.

My computers back then of course being all those chocolate confetti boxes. They were a perfect presentation of a computer for a pre-school age kid with a vivid imagination. With the plastic tray for chocolates turned upside down it was a presentation of pretty dope laptop computers, way before their golden age. The lid also functioned as a state of the art touch screen with a stylus with sharpies and taped-on sheets of paper.

When you don't have much it doesn't take much to have everything you want. I wish I still could be so happy with such a small things.