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Stay positive

After two years I was really looking forward to this year making the turn back toward more normal life. The pandemic has been going on long enough and we have managed to survive free of infection... until now.

Wife just got a positive test result. I obviously need to go get tested as well, but it's quite certain I have it too by now. I had the flu a while back, might have been the COVID after all. If so, the good thing is the symptoms have been really mild no doubt thanks to the vaccines.

The situation is quite different from what it was for example just a year ago. Back then getting the positive result would have been scary. Now it's not too far from getting diagnosed with a regular flu. And if this was it, I've had it worse with those regular ones.

Despite the growing infection numbers the situation seems to be better under control now. There is no panic or shortage of anything. Just a bit more focus on those who've got sick to make sure there won't be any unnecessary infections. Especially to those who are in the risk groups due to other conditions.