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Unexpected delays

I might have COVID, but I don't feel too sick. Of course even if I don't have any severe symptoms I don't want to risk others. So I need to stay in quarantine.

While I'm still capable of doing the renovations (actually spend a day at the new apartment today), there isn't that much left for me to do without getting some more materials. And of course I can't go and get them now.

There is also all that work that was supposed to be done by professionals. But I need to postpone those too as I can't be there to go through the plans.

Luckily at least some things are still progressing. The door project we started together with pur new neighbours doesn't really require me being there. Our neighbors promised to take care of the already agreed meetings with the door salespersons.

It's going to get quite tight to get everything ready by the end of the month. Luckily there are only a few things that have such a tight schedule. Everything else can be postponed. Either we do them after we have moved in or we just postpone the moving date a bit.