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Back in the school bookkeeping was one of my favourite subjects. It was one of those voluntary courses available for those interested. I don't know whether my interest was purely based on the fact that it was the fee courses we had a chance to work back then rare computers or just the pure joy of applied math.

Later, when I didn't have to find such excuses to be able to work on computers when they became more common and generally available I pretty much forgot all about the bookkeeping. Even during my entrepreneurial years I relied on professional accountants to take care of the bookkeeping.

With our new home we have also become partners in this small housing company managing the property. Until now the bookkeeping has been done by the former occupant of our apartment. So obviously we need to find ourselves a new accountant.

Sure we could get s professional one to take care of it, but with such a small company it would be a formidable portion of the recurring expenses. An expense we as s partners and occupants would need to pay for. While it wouldn't bankrupt us I'd still like to keep up with the minimal costs in principle. Besides we got a good template already from the previous occupant to continue doing it ourself. And I do have the training for it after all.