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The benefit of writing

Why do I still keep writing daily? After five years you would imagine I've already written enough and be out of ideas. Of I was writing just to improve my writing that should also be plenty. That is unless I would like to become a professional writer. I've learned a lot over these years and that has definitely been one of the biggest benefit. But the biggest one has been learning to think in words.

I'm one of those who think in pictures. Well, it's not exactly pictures either, it's hard to describe. Sometimes there is words too. But there are so many other things too. It's a complete mess of images, words, feelings, abstract concepts and sensations. Trying to interpret such thoughts into something that can be communicated to others is quite challenging. Trust me, I've tried. Drawing helps, but as it's not purely pictures either that doesn't get an accurate interpretation across either.

Writing has helped me to learn a completely different way of thinking: thinking in words. It helps a lot more than just with the writing. It's also easier to express my thoughts to others. At least when I stick to thinking in words. It's just that the words are often not enough to handle my thoughts.