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Time travelling vikings

Beforeigners is a Norwegian HBO original series with some interesting premise. It's a mix of nordic noir with it's gritty detective pair and my favourite flavour of scifi: time travel.

The premise is that there are random people from the past popping up on modern day world. This creates interesting take on immigration and problems related to it. The show also manages to throw in some historical facts, but isn't too strict on overall historical accuracy. However it does offer perhaps a more realistic view on the vikings in certain level.

While the production value isn't too great, the low budget feel fits perfectly in the storytelling. Maybe even increasing the appeal at times. The cast ain't bad either. Especially the lead actress who happens to be a Finn (I might be a bit biased).

The setting, and the story is somewhat refreshing take on time travel. Although on the second season it falls a bit more on the traditional formula.

I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for something different.