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Sleepy times

While I haven't been hit by any serious symptoms form COVID I do have been pretty tired lately. Probably due to the infection which my body is using all the energy to fight against. So rest is the best cure and I should definitely do that (which I mostly have).

I haven't altered my bedtime, going steadily to sleep around ten o'clock. Even so, for example today I found myself almost late for the first meeting of the day. I barely had time to grab a cup of coffee (thanks to my wife it was ready) before heading downstairs to open the Zoom. I don't remember for having to set an alarm for being somewhere nine in the morning!

I don't even sleep poorly. For as much as I can remember I have slept all those ten plus hours straight. While I don't feel tired in the morning, or throughout the day I do get sleepy already in late afternoon. On many days I have fallen asleep on the couch for short naps. Still, I haven't had trouble falling asleep in the evening.

If this is the cure I need to get rid of this disease I don't mind. Just need to start setting up the alarm whenever I have meetings in the morning.