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Meetings all the time

Google recently added insights to it's calendar product. The insights show statistics about the meetings you are attending throughout the week. There are also a few additional statistics and info for example on average meetings per day, average duration of the meetings and who you spend most time in meetings.

It's interesting data. Especially now that with the new tole I have had the feeling that all I do is either sit on the meetings, prepare for the meetings or write recap about the meetings. The data unfortunately doesn't account those later two, only the time spent on actual meetings.

This week has just begun and there is still time for people to book ad hoc meetings for me throughout the week (if they can find a slot) but I already have 28,3 hours of meeting booked for the week. Last week it was only a bit over 17, but that was a shorter week due to the Easter holiday. That's a lot of meetings!

Maybe I should start utilizing another new feature that was introduced along the statistics. The insights panel now also suggest booking some focus time for yourself.