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Moving things around

It was so easy doing all the renovations when we were still living at our old home. There were nothing in the way, or to cover for protection when the apartment was mostly empty.

I couldn't finish everything before we moved in. Now there are tasks pending because there is too much stuff around or something can't be taken out of use long enough to finish the fixes.

That doesn't mean I haven't been able to do anything. I've felt that most of the things I do is just moving things around.

The most challenging task recently has been the garage gym project. Not long ago it was still almost impossible to even enter our garage as it was so full of stuff. Passing on the old kitchen helped a bit, but still last couple of weeks there has been stuff all around as I had to get the garage completely empty to be able to paint the floor.

Now it's done and I can start putting things back into their places. But due to shuffling around all those things I first need to move some stuff out of the way so I can put other things into their right places.