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First workout

Yesterday wasn't just the first grilling session with the new grill. I also tested out my new leverage gym.

First thing to notice is the difference in weights. Due to grip not being directly at the same level as the weights it's not 1:1 ratio to loaded weights that you get due to the leverage. Of course this only matters if you compare the results to the traditional gym equipments.

Another thing is the path of movement. Due to the fixed position there is a slight rotation in all the movements instead going in a straight line. Doesn't bother me too much either, just something that needs a bit of time to getting used to it.

Most of the exercises were working fine and are easy to do, but there were some that didn't feel that good. Squats for example were unnecessarily hard to do as there weren't any support on the shoulders for the weights. Instead, you have to support all the weight with your hands. There might be a correct way of doing those as well. Maybe I just didn't find it yet.

The equipment offers quite comprehensive training possibilities for the upper body, but definitely lacks on the lower body muscle groups.