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It feels ridiculous to wash our trash while at the same time 1 in 10 people in this planet doesn't even have access to clean drinking water and close to 2 billion people lack safe sanitation. But that's exactly what we do here in abundance of fresh water.

To be able to recycle most of the materials they need to be clean. So we wash all our metal, glass and plastic packaging before we throw them away. And not just with any water, but the same clean water from the tap we use for drinking. All this waste just to feel a bit better for recycling.

But it's not that straight forward. We can't just ship the water where it's needed. It would be logistic nightmare and any meaningful amount of water would go stale while in transit anyway.

So using that water for recycling is best we can do. To ensure that the situation with the climate isn't getting even worse so even more people wouldn't be left without access to safe water.