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Silver lined clouds

Mother's day brings to my mind my two dear grandmothers who have passed away. While I cherish their memory it also reminds me of the importance of spending time with my mother while she's still with us.

My grandmothers were both wonderful persons. The one from my fathers side never gave up her inner child and embraced life with curiosity and without any prejudice. She even travelled the world, both real and fiction.

My other grandmother was the kindest person in the world. She had infinite patience for all the things and cared for everyone. She also was the first person I've ever lost.

I'm not a religious person. Of all the people I have lost my grandmother is the only one I imagine being in heaven when I think of her. She always spoke of when she'd be gone she'd watch over us from the top of the clouds. So whenever I see clouds with the silver lining I know she's there.

It's not like I'd think all the others would be in the other place. Neither of them really belongs to my worldview. It's just this one special case.