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Three years ago I was part of creating something extraordinary: a larp called The Odysseus inspired by the TV series Battlestar Galactica. It was the biggest, most expensive larp produced in Finland and big even in the global scene.

The project of that scale, while it was really interesting and rewarding to work on, was also quite draining to many team members. Even I was thinking "never again" after the game.

After three years it's already distant enough and everybody has recovered from the project that some time ago the discussion about the rerun started. This time we wouldn't have start from the scratch. We built a lot of things that could be easily reused. Especially on the digital side we created a lot of code and tools which we this time could just improve and build on top.

One of the biggest decision made when thinking about returning to this was to make sure it will be easier on all the people participating in making it. It's not like we wouldn't have cared about such things the last time. We just didn't have any idea what it would take to run a project of this scale mostly on volunteer basis.

Today the project was finally officially announced. The game itself is still two years away and the making doesn't really start until next autumn. But the recruitment for the team and planning is already underway.