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Unnecessary bureaucracy

Everything has to go by the books. But giving enough everything those books need to be massive. Even then, there is always an edge case or an exception that doesn't fit into the pages.

The challenge with the legal texts is they need to be water tight. There shouldn't be any room for interpretations. But this usually makes them into such jargon that the only way to understand them is by trying to interpret their meaning.

The problem with this is that in either case it's hard to come in an agreement in those fringe cases. The text doesn't always help at all, but trying to understand it takes time and effort that feels wasted.

Another problem with the Vogonian bureaucracy is that it can make some things impossible. By trying to make everything formally approved it means some things will be left out. This is especially true when there is some new things coming out that the original authors of the rules couldn't even imagine. But maybe that's safer that way, some things should never be allowed, even if you don't know they are coming. It's just that the change process should then be fast enough so that the new situations can be reacted upon fast enough.