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My will be done

One thing I have found out after becoming the official leader is the power that comes with it. Even before I had a lot to say about things and could make decisions on my own. We try to be a flat organisation, so that pretty much applies to all. But woth that kind of structure it's quite challenging to make especially the hard decisions.

Having actual power can help in those situations. I might not always make the right or the best decisions, but even a bad decision is better than uncertainty. At least then it's possible to move forward and if it really bothers someone they'll try to come up with good arguments and alternative solutions. At least I hope so. Until then I expect the original one to be followed.

There are also those situations when there are no good options. Of course nobody wants to make a decision for the bad option even of there are reasons behind it. With such decisions it is important to make sure everybody understands the reasons behind it.