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Bermuda's triangle sandwich

Why does a sandwich cut diagonally into triangles taste better than uncut? There jas even been studies verifying this is actually true that people prefer the taste and experience eating triangle sandwich over any other cut.

One theory is that there is more exposed fillings when cut diagonally. Others state that it ensures the fillings stay between the bread better this way. The most common explanation states that it's just easier to eat the sandwich in that shape and the eating experience also affects the perceived deliciousness of the food we eat.

The filling to crust ratio is one interesting theory which tries to prove this whole hypothesis mathematically. The diagonal cut offers the optimal amount of bites where the ratio of crust is low with less bites like the corners where the ratio is highest.

It would seem cutting the sandwich twice, by both diagonals would offer the best solution for this mathematical formula with no corner bites. However this leaves the center pieces with no crust too small and exposes bigger crust to filling ratio for the reminder bites.

Of course this could all be just a placebo effect from clever marketing that has made us believe the triangle cut sandwich tastes better and we just subconsciously pretend to ourselves that it's true.