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To all my readers

I know I've had some loyal readers. I know some of them have given up along the way. I also have some of them coming back. And there is always some new ones.

I mean, reading a blog every day can be quite a chore on it's own. Even if it's just 200 or so words. I don't blame them to stop following me. I mean I'm not that good writer that it would be worth it to read everything is write just for the sake of it. Even the topics are mostly not that interesting.

I never expected anyone to read these posts. I still mostly write as if nobody would ever read them. Of course I hope someone does, at least the ones where I try to share good tips and lifehacks. Would be nice if I could pass on some actually usable knowledge.

But those usable posts are buried among hundreds of useless posts. Other posts might have some actual information in them, but hardly usable save the very few fringe situations when you for example need to know the radioactive emission of a banana.

Rest is probably just personal rambling about things that happens to me over the days. Not much of value to anyone outside those who have some sort of personal interest in me.

So no matter how many or few of my posts you have read, thank you and I'm sorry.