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Summer beard

For the past two years I have been growing my first full beard on and off. Until the end of last year I didn't really keep it that long, basically cutting it off any time it got long enough it needed some grooming.

Now I have been practicing keeping it tidy for over half a year. I made the commitment and got the necessary bear products to make that possible and am slowly learning to keep it neat.

So far the commitment however has been easy. At any point I could have been able to just shave it all off. Noe that the summer is here the situation has changed. The sun is shining and spending time outside will eventually give me a tan. The beard of course protects part of my face from the sun, but that means the skin beneath it will stay more pale than the rest of my face.

This starts to be the last moment to make the decision. Either I cut my beard now to get an even tan for my face, or make a commitment for next several months to keep it.