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Preparing for time off

Tomorrow will be my last day at work (half day actually as I'm taking some extra hours off) before vacation. This year I took almost the full vacation at one go during the summer. Left only one week for the later time.

Starting this early I still get to enjoy a week of July at work. It's usually the most quiet time there as everybody wants to have their vacations then. For me it's like another week of vacation when I'm able to do some low level stuff there that I don't usually have time due all the more important stuff.

This past six months has been quite different. The new position, while I have enjoyed it, has been quite consuming as well. There sure is a lot of responsibilities, but the most demanding thing for this first half a year has been learning the ropes of the new role. That's why I really feel like I need a longer vacation as well this year.

I'm sure the time will pass quickly. I have still plenty of things to do around the apartment. The progress has been slower lately and there are still plenty of things to do. Just need to remember to relax for a while as well at some point during the next weeks.