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Switching light

One of the things I wanted replaced in out new home was the light switches and electric sockets. They were quite dated, the switches were those old ones with unnecessary small area to hit the switch. It was also one of the few things I couldn't do by myself.

The new switches have been great, easy to use and they also look good. They really make the apartment feel more modern. The thing is, they don't have that much use.

Lighting is one of the easiest thing to automate. Over the year I have been adding more and more smart to our lighting. It's now possible to move around the house almost everywhere without needing to manually switch on lights. There are only a few places where I'm stil planning to add some level of automation, but the rest that are still manual are the ones that doesn't make that much sense to automate.

There is also a few switches that aren't used to begin with. Could have excluded those switches altogether back when they were replaced. Now they are just causing confusion when trying to switch on those few lights that still need to be controlled manually.