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Winter is back

After a period of darkness we got our proper white winter back. The unusual weather this year almost melted all the snow in the middle of the winter.

Although the days are already getting noticeably longer there is still plenty of darkness in our days. So while it meant another round of snow work I think it's still a net positive thing. But enough is enough, hopefully there won't be much more of it coming still before the spring. Even if most of the ground was free of snow the piled up snow still remained and the new snow from the roads and yards need to fit somewhere.

It hasn't been too cold either. A few degrees below zero is the best temperature during winter. Cold enough so that the snow doesn't turn into slush, but still not too cold so that you would be required to dress up like s Michelin man to be able to go outside.

Would be nice if the weather stayed like this for the rest of the winter.