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Garage cleanup

My garage gym has been of little use lately. As is common with any garage the amount of stuff stored there is always closing to the volume of the garage. Somehow the stuff just appears to fill all the available space.

During the weekend I undertook the task of cleaning it up so that I could fit there to exercise again. Ine of the biggest offenders were all the recyclable junk that has been piling up there. Glass, metal and especially carton waste was taking a substantial portion of the "available" space. Not everything fit in our car at once, so I need to do another trip to the sorting station at some point.

Another think taking up space was all the garden equipment stored away for the winter. When I originally set up the storage arrangement I didn't account for those. A trip to the hardware store resolved that issue with a few strategically placed shelves.

Now there is just barely room to fit in again. Won't probably take long to fill it up once again, but I might need to do the trip to the sorting station a bit more often. There is also still the small in-between space that is unfinished. When that's done I could fit a few more shelves there to get even more stuff stored away there.