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The last among us

There is a new hit series streaming. HBO's The Last of Us has received praises from both critics and the audience. It has also been recommended to me personally by multiple persons. But I didn't like it.

At least after the first episode I wasn't impressed. It wasn't bad, but there wasn't anything that would have set it apart from dozens of similar stories. Maybe I've just seen it too many times.

It couldn't be the fact that I haven't played the game it's based on. Many of those who have praised it haven't played the game either. Those who have do state that it makes justice to the games and lives up to the expectations.

It's not the first time I don't like something that "I'm supposed to like". Maybe it's just all the hype that makes me not like these hit series instead of them actually being any worse. It's just the expectations that don't live up to the hype and makes them feel like a let down instead.