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Welcome to the Yodeller: my ongoing project to try and write something every day. You can read more about the background from here. If you are a new reader you might want to start from the beginning.

Charting new technologies

As an architect and technology strategist, it's my job to choose the technologies we use in projects. It's not always easy, especially when you meant to move forward and explore new technologies while still keep the delivered services robust. At the same time we should be innovating and choose stable, boring technologies.

 It's a challenge to balance those two. But in the end moving forward is the only option. New technologies need to be evaluated and tested. Not everything will end up in our toolbox and most importantly not everything should be changed at once. 

It's an iterative process, trial and error. Constantly being on a lookout for new things and evaluating whether they are good enough to replace the old ones. Sometimes there are new things that don't have any prior thing to replace. In addition to upgrading the existing technology stack, it's also constantly expanding. 

And not everything can be kept. we can't go too wide. Sometimes those technologies need to be pruned. 

And all needs to be done systematically. We need to know about all the potential emerging technologies as well as the state of the existing ones we are using. And then there is the market demand as well.

Relaxing at work

These past two weeks after the vacation have been quite relaxing. There isn't much of anything important going on at work as most of the people are on vacation and projects on hold.

It's not like haven't got anything to do. Quite contrary. The doing has just been something different. Things that have been long overdue, but haven't got done due not being "business-critical" or otherwise urgent.

So now it's a perfect time to do those tasks. There is nothing else to do and I have plenty of time at my hands. The best part is, there is so many things that I can just choose the most interesting and focus on those. It's refreshing change for a while even though I don't really have anything against my regular work tasks either.

On the other hand, it's getting a bit lonely. There aren't many colleagues working and the office is deserted. Even those like me working during this time do not bother to go to the office. Assuming there wouldn't be anybody else anyway.

Few weeks like this. Then a couple of weeks of vacation and then time to get to the regular rhythm once again. As fun as this has been I'm really looking towards that as well.

Reading my own posts

I should read more of what I write. Despite knowing it is easier for me to write after all these years I don't have an idea whether I have actually become a better writer. It's not enough just be able to write when needed. The quality should also matter.

I did look back to a few posts I have made recently and one thing that I noticed was the fact that there were wrong words scattered around the sentences. The thing that has helped me write with fewer typos has sometimes backfired when it has corrected my mistakes to a completely different word from what I meant to write. I should really start paying attention to those autocorrections and suggestions.

I haven't really bothered too much about it. For me, it's more important to get the writing done. To get the thoughts out of my head. But assuming others might read my posts as well I guess I owe them to pay a bit more attention to my texts. I don't want to leave you wondering what did I actually mean.

After all, reading through these posts before posting them wouldn't add that much time or effort to my writing routines.

Upcoming talking gigs

I have known it for a while now, but finally can say it publicly: I'm going to Amsterdam in October to talk about green tech thinking in Drupalcon! I also just heard the same session is accepted for Drupalcamp Helsinki held earlier this autumn.

It's been a while my last talk gig and now I have two of those upcoming still this year. I might even submit another topic for the X-con coming up at some point later during the year. And then there is still the possibility to get to talk more about the green tech on WWF meetups.

After over a year of keeping away from the stage it's nice to get back up there. Surprisingly, after all I enjoy it. And it's also nice to get a chance to talk about something such an important and interesting topic.

As I just managed to finish my previous project maybe this is a good next one. I could now focus on honing my presentation for those events to ensure I can deliver a memorable talk there. Even though I have pretty good idea what I want to say there it still requires some background work to get all the facts straight.

Posts I have forgotten

Sometimes I forgot I have already written about something. I just start writing and then later realize I have already made a similar post before. But I have also written about this many times, so no more about it.

Another type of forgotten posts are those topics that I think about writing. But then, for a reason or another forgot to actually write. Sometimes I do write these topics down, but there are those that just pass through my mind and are then forgotten. For these, it would help to be more consistent writing them down as soon as possible so I would at least have them stored somewhere.

There are also posts that I think a lot about writing. So much actually, that sometimes forget that I actually didn't write those. I go through the post in my head so thoroughly I might end up thinking I have already written it. But the truth is I have only written it in my head. Memory is an interesting thing. I could very well remember thinking it through, but can't actually remember whether I actually wrote it down or just thought it through in my head. I don't even know how many posts I think I have written, but have never been published outside of my head.